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What do we 

Birthday Gifts

Did you know that most kids in foster care never have a birthday party? That's why we have "Everyone's Birthday Party" where we celebrate each child with gifts, cake, and festivities. Check out our Amazon Birthday  Wish List Here to purchase a gift for a child or help provide other decorations/ needs for our one of a kind Birthday Celebration


camp animals

Do you have a flock of sheep? A herd of goats? A group of ducks? Having animals that can be handled and pet onsite for the week provides such a huge benefit for our campers. They help with emotional regulation, object lessons, and learning to show care and compassion to something "smaller" than ourselves!



Games, Storage Totes, Craft Supplies, Sports Equipment, Snacks & More!! We need lots of random, but necessary, items to make our camp week happen. Check out our Amazon Supply Wish List Here to see what we need for our 2023 camp week!


golf cart

If you or someone you know has a golf cart they would  let us use for our week of camp it would be greatly appreciated! Being able to transport nurses, supplies, and volunteers throughout the campground in a golf cart GREATLY helps our volunteers.



We are in need of a new or used camera. We use our cameras all week long to take pictures of our campers doing amazing things. At the end of the week each camper gets to take home a personalized photo album full of pictures of them and their counselor.



I know, this one is a strange one to ask. Every year we commit to offering bacon every morning at breakfast. Our campers can eat more bacon in one week than most households probably eat in a year! If you or someone you know would like to donate the meat to our campground kitchen to keep this tradition alive please contact Gabrielle directly.

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