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actually provide??

what does your sponsorship

The answer to this is really pretty simple. Here at RFK Northeast Indiana we do not have any paid staff, nor do we have any weird overhead costs, fees, or unnecessary expenses. So, your donation goes to providing each and every camper with the most impactful week of their lives!


life changing memories and relationships

The relationships that begin at RFK begin and end with "loving each camper right where they're at". Our volunteers give each camper the space to be perfectly and uniquely matter their past or current struggles and circumstances.


adult mentor

Each camper is assigned their own "camp counselor" that they get to spend the entire week with! They only share this counselor with ONE other camper.  So, the amount of amount of undivided attention the camper will receive is extraordinary and unprescedented.


all necessary items

Rather than asking foster parents or caretakers to try and purchase and pack a hundred items for each camper, we joyfully give each of our campers everything they need for the week. Items like blankets, shampoos, soaps, flashlights, bookbags, water bottles, flip flops, hair brushes, etc. are provided each year for the camper. And they get to take everything home at the end of the week!


once in a lifetime experiences

Whether its zip-lining, horseback riding, our one-of-a-kind girls tea party, sensory room, unlimited arts and crafts, beachfront activities or rock wall climbing- our campers will experience so many "firsts" they will never run out of amazing experiences for the week! 

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Why do kids in 
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the royal family kids camp experience?

Don't wait- help change a child's life today

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